Building a team of advisors and consultants are necessary when growing a successful practice. Nitin Chhoda explains the steps needed in order to choose the right and knowledgeable advisors and consultants so that your business will thrive.

physical therapy marketing advisors

One of the secrets of the world’s wealthiest and most influential individuals is that they surround themselves with experts in a variety of fields.

Physical therapists don’t have to be knowledgeable about the stock market to invest wisely, but they do need to surround themselves with people who have attained a superior level of expertise in that field.

The Role of Advisors and Consultants

Assembling a team of advisors and consultants is essential for physical therapy marketing, management, and the financial health of any clinic.

Advisors and consultants of physical therapy marketing and management provide valuable information on a variety of topics and can assist therapists in critical decision-making processes, from the installation of an electronic medical records (EMR) system to the best time to expand a practice.

Navigating the financial environment in the new economy requires physical therapy marketing practices and strategies that pool information and data from a wide array of resources. Physical therapy marketing is a key element for successful physical therapy clinics and is reliant upon accurate information.

Physical therapy is a specialized field and when assembling a team of advisors, it’s essential that those experts have extensive experience within their profession and are qualified to dispense advice on a variety of physical therapy concerns, from investments and expansion to the addition of new patient services including physical therapy marketing.

Select Knowledgeable Advisors and Consultants

Therapists know that attaining a seven-figure income is dependent upon their clinical skills and the success with which they market their practice. A knowledgeable team of consultants and advisors provide valuable advice and assistance for all aspects of physical therapy marketing.

Busy clinic owners often don’t have time to assemble and evaluate necessary data. A carefully chosen team can perform those services for the therapist and provide insight into potential patient numbers, past and future marketing efforts, and the local economic climate.

Many choose to outsource their consultancy needs to outside companies, an option that can prove very costly. For those with smaller practices and limited budgets, selecting a local firm may be a better alternative.

Two excellent but often-overlooked resources is the local chamber of commerce and small business bureau. Both offers free services that can be utilized for physical therapy marketing and management, increase referrals and establish the therapist as a specialist in his field.

physical therapy marketing consultantsUse Your Network

Networking and leveraging beneficial connections with friends, family and colleagues provides a wealth of low-cost and no-cost opportunities.

Don’t overlook the potential available among staff members and clients for physical therapy marketing opportunities.

They may know someone with special expertise or have hidden talents themselves.

Feedback from all those resources can provide valuable insight into weaknesses within the practice and where physical therapy marketing efforts could be more successfully employed.

Be a Master of Physical Therapy Marketing

In today’s economy, physical therapists must be masters of physical therapy marketing and gurus of patient care to ensure full client scheduling and to stand out from others offering the same or similar services.

Hiring a team of consultants for physical therapy marketing is a pricy proposition, while knowledgeable consultants can often be found within the community in which the practice is located, providing therapists with the means to plan ahead and allocate expenses for the future sustainability of the practice.