Many billing services become attached to a specific software program. That’s not a problem in itself, but if the service can’t or won’t provide clinicians with the type of reports they need, it can cost practices in revenues.

In Touch Biller PROIn Touch Biller PRO allows clinicians to receive more than 100 different sophisticated reports to help manage practices and cash flow effectively.

Show Me The Money

To manage the financial health of their practice, clinicians have to know where revenue is being generated.

In Touch Biller PRO provides the means to do that with an array of in-depth reports.

Practitioners can generate reports that show income by ICD code to determine which types of procedures pay the most.

Clinicians can easily ascertain which insurance companies are the most desirable to work with based on reimbursement rates.

That ability becomes an even more important feature as insurance companies and Medicare continues to reduce reimbursement amounts.

In a multi-clinician practice, it’s important for a practice owner to know who is producing the most revenue.

In Touch Biller PRO enables business owners to determine the productivity level of each provider.

Income reports can be generated for each clinician in In Touch Biller Pro to discover how many patients are being seen and the types of procedures they’re conducting.

Income By Patient

In Touch Biller PRO has the tool to evaluate revenues and income potential base on the patient.

Clinicians can determine if the most income is generated by those who self-pay or have insurance through certain companies.

In Touch Biller PROThe reports of this physical therapy software can demonstrate which patients help the practice make the most money. They can show the co-pays of patients and how quickly balances are paid.

Using the reports, clinicians have the ability to not schedule more visit with specific patients until their bill is paid.

Clinicians aren’t bill collectors.

In Touch Biller PRO provides the types of sophisticated reports needed for practitioners to make financial decisions about their business without spending time, money and resources trying to collect delinquent balances.

In Touch Biller PRO gives practitioners the freedom to get more than 100 types of reports at any time, allowing clinicians to practice the way they want and manage their cash flow as they see fit.