The current healthcare climate demands that practices become more efficient at every task. Efficiency begins at the front desk by gathering all the needed patient information and verification before scheduling the client’s appointment.

The entire process can be accomplished with the In Touch EMR™ for savings in time and reduced denials.

In Touch EMROnline Verification

In Touch EMR™ works with thousands of payers across the nation, making benefit verification a matter of a few moments.

When the payer doesn’t have the ability to verify online or they don’t offer it for certain physician types, such as physical therapists, it’s still possible to verify the old-fashioned way with a phone call.

Online verification is critical for practices to avoid health insurance fraud and theft.

Even though more people have insurance coverage through the Affordable Health Care Act, health insurance theft is a serious problem that robs practices across the U.S. of millions of dollars annually.

In Touch EMR™ has the time saving tools to quickly verify every aspect of the patient’s data.

One Click Charting

Streamlining front desk processing takes a major leap with one-click patient charting built into the In Touch EMR™.

With just one click of a button, the front desk can capture all the needed patient information (with the patient’s permission), create a chart, and schedule the client’s appointment.

There’s no need to spent time manually entering demographic information by hand.

In Touch EMR™ captures the information from the insurance company at the time of online verification.In Touch EMR

Online verification and one-click charting work together to minimize denials.

Patient enrollment and benefit information comes directly from the insurance company, eliminating spelling mistakes and incorrect contact information.

The integrated In Touch EMR™ works hand-in-hand with verification and charting, and documentation can be further streamlined with an iPad.

Manually checking patient information, creating charts and verifying eligibility is a thing of the past with the In Touch EMR™.

The integrated software system saves time, reduces denials and automatically creates patient files with the click of a button. Designed specifically for physical therapists, it allows practices to schedule more efficiently and get paid without worrying about reimbursement denials.