Physical Therapy Software 2020 – What Lies Ahead

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) had set a...
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Physical Therapy Software: The Benefits of EMR in a Physical Therapy Private Practice

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are becoming a...
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Physical Therapy Management: Importance of Technology and Automation for the New Economy Practice

Nitin Chhoda discusses the importance of an automated...
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Physical Therapy Marketing: Establishing Income Goals in Your Practice

Every business should have an income goal and physical...
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Medical Coding and Its Trends

Medical coding can be done by a skilled professional or by a trained physical therapy billing staff. It is important that who ever is assigned this task is knowledgeable and detail oriented because it affects the billing and revenue cycle for the practice. Nitin... read more

Physical Therapy Billing

EMR and EHR – The Difference

EMR and EHR are two different terms that are often used interchangeably. Nitin Chhoda discusses the difference between EMR and EHR and why this is important for your practice. There’s been a lot of confusion about the difference in an electronic medical record (EMR)... read more

EMR Adoption, Selection and Implementation Checklist

If you are switching from one EMR system to another, you need to consider several factors including portability, integration and security. Nitin Chhoda provides a detailed checklist to help you make the transition to an EMR system that will help you prepare for the... read more

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