Changing your physical therapy documentation to an automated setting is now possible. Nitin Chhoda discusses the advantages of using an electronic medical records (EMR) system that will automate your documentation process.

He specifies the benefits of using a web-based setting, and provides examples of how an automated system can provide your practice with instant access to patient records.

physical therapy documentationPhysical therapy documentation has different systems. Maintaining paper records system has become something of a legacy in most industries.

Electronic databases have taken over the world, hosting large quantities of data that previously would have been unthinkable.

But despite this worldwide shift, the medical profession continues to operate mostly on paper.

Only 10% of US medical practices have a fully-integrated physical therapy documentation solution, while a slightly larger but still unreasonably small 20% have some form of electronic medical records.

That is terrible. Especially considering that web-based physical therapy documentation systems are now so powerful. There are physical therapy documentation tips provided in other part of this website.

As of the moment, here are some of the advantages that a web-based solution have over other options for physical therapy documentation.


“Web-Based” Means “Available Everywhere”.

By basing your physical therapy EMR system on a web-based tool, you are ensuring that you can reach the files no matter where you are. Websites are reachable from anywhere that there is an internet connection, and this means that you could access and read over your records at home, when making house calls, or when someone needs an over-the-phone consultation.

Physical therapy documentation for physical therapy services that are based on the web make sure that your files are reachable when you want them, no matter where you want them. And that is something you just can’t do with paper records.

Send with Ease.

Just like you can access the files from anywhere, you can give other physical therapists access to your records with little difficulty.

physical therapy documentation system

This is where web-based solutions truly begin to beat even other physical therapy documentation systems that are based on local servers.

When your data is stuck on a server at your office, you aren’t going to be able to share them as easily as you can with a web-based server.

Access from Any Device.

Want to use your records on an iPad? No problem! A web-based solution is easily accessible on an iPad. Other local types of physical therapy documentation software usually aren’t.

Being accessible from an iPad from anywhere means that you can take a small, lightweight tablet with you wherever you go, documenting the case as you work. It makes managing each patient record incredibly simple.

And of course, if you decide that your office wants to use Mac instead of Windows computers, well, that’s no problem.

Unlike solutions that use dedicated clients to access the information, a web-based physical therapy documentation solution is capable of being viewed on any device with an internet connection and a browser.

A Single Web Server Means Less Maintenance.

Here’s something you probably didn’t think about: managing software upgrades with traditional physical therapy documentation software means upgrading every computer that runs the software and troubleshooting problems that occur on each. But with a web-first approach, a cloud-based EMR tool only has to be updated once.

All changes will instantly be pushed out to all computers that access the tool. Going web-based for your physical therapy documentation solution just makes sense. It simplifies the difficulty of server management even as it makes your data simpler to access.