An EMR has many capabilities and a fully integrated software system allows clinicians to handle every facet of the practice’s business, from patient documentation to submitting claims for billing.

billingConfusion exists about EMRs, the software’s capability and how therapists can use it for optimum efficiency, and the key word to remember is integrated.

EMRs – Primary Functions

An EMR provides the tools to create documentation on each patient.

It can be accessed by multiple providers for continuity of care and is instantly updated.

It should have the ability to create intuitive custom templates that are most effective and efficient for each individual practice.

The EMR should have the ability to upload documents to patient files, from photo identification and insurance cards to test results, referrals and x-rays.

Most importantly, it’s essential that the EMR be able to communicate seamlessly with billing software.

In Touch EMR™ has the ability to integrate with existing office systems.

Integrated Billing

A therapist’s billing software has several requirements. It must be fully integrated with the practice’s clearinghouse and have the ability to check insurance eligibility online.

Billing software needs the ability to scrub claims and notify users of any potential problems.

Automatic posting of ERAs, batch submissions and billing statement generation speeds up the reimbursement process and In Touch Biller PRO™ software does all of that.

Clearinghouses – The Path To Payment

Medical billing software submits claims for documentation, along with supporting documentation.

Clearinghouses scrub the claims for errors and either forwards it to insurance companies for payment or back to the practice as a denial.

Creating clean claims at the office level virtually eliminates denials and delayed payments that will occur if the billing software isn’t compatible and integrated with the clearinghouse.

Integrated Billing Servicesbilling

It doesn’t matter whether billing is conducted in-house or outsourced, it’s essential that billing personnel master the practice’s billing software to obtain the full benefit of its capabilities.

In Touch Biller PRO™ is designed to be fully integrated with clearinghouse software, submits claims, manages denials and scrubs claims before they reach the clearinghouse.

It also generates statements and tracks patient benefits.

In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO™ are both specifically designed with the needs of the therapist in mind. The software systems streamline documentation and assists practitioners remain compliant with applicable laws and the requirements of insurance companies to get paid faster.