Documentation Overkill: The Problem with EMR Systems

Documentation Overkill: The Problem with EMR Systems

One of the biggest problems with most EMRS is documentation overkill. Clinicians spend a lot of money for a system and then find out that the documentation forms are extremely long. The vendor logic behind this is that documentation needs to be comprehensive. Documentation can be comprehensive without turning practitioners into data entry experts. In Touch EMR™ eliminates documentation overload with automatic functions and features.

Documentation Goals

The goal of therapists should be enough documentation to be compliant, but not to the point where he/she spends more time on documentation than they do treating patients. The process of documentation shouldn’t take time away from clients, delay the next client’s visit, or keep the clinician long past the end of the day following up on each patient’s record.

Too Much Pressure

Physical therapists have a lot on their plate. They’re trying to operate a practice, provide the best treatment for their patients, market the practice, provide the necessary documentation for claims, adhere to the new rules of Obamacare, and tend to all the details of running a successful practice. Excessive documentation places too much pressure on therapists who are already overloaded.

Conforming To Standards

It’s important that practitioners have an integrated system that provides flexibility in all aspects of the documentation process. The EMR should allow therapists to generate their own templates, enabling them to document in their own way. The system should adapt to the way the clinician works. Practitioners shouldn’t have to change to conform to the EMR program.

In a healthcare climate that’s constantly changing the way patients are treated, the way claims are paid and clinician reporting requirements, therapists are already suffering from documentation overload. In Touch EMR™ provides practice owners with the tools needed to document thoroughly without becoming data entry experts and suffering from documentation overkill.

How to Streamline Patient Intake

How to Streamline Patient Intake

Scheduling and patient intake doesn’t have to involve time consuming manual data entry and can be completed automatically with the In Touch EMR™. The software provides practices with automatic functions to save time and streamline the before, during and after workflow. Completely HIPAA compliant,

In Touch EMR™ contains military grade protection to safeguard all patient information. The software is compatible with multiple browsers on PCs and Macs.

Simple And Fast Patient Intake

The patient process begins when a client calls for an appointment. The Web-based In Touch EMR™ allows front desk personnel to obtain the necessary information and schedule an appointment online. The front desk can then create a client chart automatically with the touch of a button.


In Touch EMR™ iPad App

The In Touch EMR™ is the only EMR technology that has its own iPad application. It eliminates paper charts, scanning documents, and filing cabinets full of records. Once a patient arrives for their appointment, they can complete the rest of their intake information with the iPad.

Clients can use the camera in the iPad to take a photo of themselves, their driver’s license and insurance card. The photos are sent directly to the patient’s chart that was automatically created when they scheduled their appointment. Clients can upload medical reports, referrals and prescriptions, along with emergency contacts, complaints, symptoms and medications with a click of a button.

With the integrated abilities of In Touch EMR™, front desk staff can verify insurance eligibility online with hundreds of payers across the U.S. and more can be added as needed. The information comes directly from the payer, virtually eliminating claim denials. The entire process happens before the clinician becomes involved.

Enter The Clinician

The client’s chart has already been created automatically and contains all the needed data for the clinician. Custom templates can be generated to reflect individual practices and with In Touch EMR™, practitioners have the advantage of state-of-the-art voice recognition for documentation. With a click of a button, clinicians can complete their documentation and it’s automatically sent to the biller.

In Touch EMR™ streamlines the patient process from scheduling to billing and is the only EMR that has its own iPad app. The software automatically performs many of the time consuming tasks for which front desk staff is traditionally responsible, allowing them to focus their attention on other concerns such as marketing. The significant savings in time translates to money in the bank and a more efficient and profitable practice.

How to Streamline Eligibility Verification

How to Streamline Eligibility Verification

The typical practice spends anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours on patient insurance verification. With the modern technology and built-in abilities of In Touch EMR™,it’s no longer necessary to spend hours on the phone each week verifying eligibility, or manually entering the information into client charts. It can be completed online in just a few moments with hundreds of payers across the nation.

Manual Vs. Online

In Touch EMR™ provides billers with the ability to verify insurance coverage online with the click of a button. Verification is automatic and the information goes directly to the client’s chart, which can also be created automatically with In Touch EMR™. The savings in time allows staff to concentrate on marketing and others tasks within the practice with no need to enter data manually.


Online verification of eligibility has the added benefit of virtually eliminating claim questions and denials. Patient eligibility is obtained directly from the payer, ensuring the information is accurate and current.

Hundreds Of Payers

The EMR software includes hundreds of payers and clearinghouses, and new payers can be added as needed. Unfortunately, not all payers have the level of sophistication to provide online verification for specialties such as physical therapy. In those instances, the front desk will still need to make a phone call to verify eligibility, but In Touch EMR™ provides that online ability for payers with the software and sophistication to do so.

Marketing With In Touch EMR™

The automatic and online functionalities of In Touch EMR™ free front desk staff to perform marketing tasks. The software provides clinicians with a comprehensive array of tools to maintain contact with established patients and obtain new clients. Sophisticated reports can be generated to determine which marketing efforts need to be improved and which are performing best.

In Touch EMR™ contains the ability to communicate with patients via multiple methods to send cards, leave messages and deliver newsletters electronically. The software enables practices to communicate by phone, through mail and email, and voice and text messages.

The In Touch EMR™ provides practitioners with the tools to streamline eligibility verification. Eligibility is obtained online from hundreds of payers throughout the U.S. The workflow is more efficient and staff members are more productive.

The software offers automatic functionalities for scheduling, documentation, verification, claim submission and marketing in a single, integrated package.

Web-Based Vs. Server-Based EMR Systems

Web-Based Vs. Server-Based EMR Systems

The advantages of a Web-based EMR system have proven so great that server-based systems are slowly being phased out. Web-based systems utilize cloud storage and access from a wide variety of devices. They also address HIPAA compliance issues and are generally updated regularly and automatically to take advantage of new features and functionalities.

Anywhere Access

A Web-based system like In In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO can be accessed from any device and any location where an Internet connection exists. Clinicians simply pick up their device and begin using their system. Information can be accessed from a laptop or desktop computer, tablets, and from PC or Mac operating systems. They’re affordable and don’t require purchasing a lot of equipment. Web-based systems are flexible and really are the wave of the future.

Patient information can be updated instantly and accessed by multiple physicians for continuity of care and patient safety. In Touch EMR™ is compatible with multiple browsers, allowing clinicians to work with systems with which they’re most comfortable. The integrated software provides practitioners with a portable solution for the practice, while allowing them to expand services to off-site venues to generate additional revenues.

Electronic Communication

An online system is required for conducting business with Medicare and Medicaid. Many payers, such as Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Aetna and others, are only accepting claims submitted through electronic means. In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO offers instant submissions and return notifications from payers that are transmitted securely for quicker reimbursements. Claims can be submitted automatically, either individually or in a batch.

HIPAA Security and Compliance

In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO are both Web-based systems that are automatically updated and employ strict security measures to ensure the safety of patient information at no additional cost to clinicians. Practitioners don’t have to worry about maintaining HIPAA compliance, the system was designed to protect the interests of users.

The integrated In Touch EMR™ provides clinicians with an affordable, flexible and secure EMR solution. Records are stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed from multiple locations for ease of use. Updates and HIPAA compliance are included automatically, allowing clinicians to focus on treating patients and growing their practice.

In Touch Biller PRO: The Type of Reports This Billing Software Gives You

In Touch Biller PRO: The Type of Reports This Billing Software Gives You

Many billing services become attached to a specific software program. That’s not a problem in itself, but if the service can’t or won’t provide clinicians with the type of reports they need, it can cost practices in revenues.

In Touch Biller PROIn Touch Biller PRO allows clinicians to receive more than 100 different sophisticated reports to help manage practices and cash flow effectively.

Show Me The Money

To manage the financial health of their practice, clinicians have to know where revenue is being generated.

In Touch Biller PRO provides the means to do that with an array of in-depth reports.

Practitioners can generate reports that show income by ICD code to determine which types of procedures pay the most.

Clinicians can easily ascertain which insurance companies are the most desirable to work with based on reimbursement rates.

That ability becomes an even more important feature as insurance companies and Medicare continues to reduce reimbursement amounts.

In a multi-clinician practice, it’s important for a practice owner to know who is producing the most revenue.

In Touch Biller PRO enables business owners to determine the productivity level of each provider.

Income reports can be generated for each clinician in In Touch Biller Pro to discover how many patients are being seen and the types of procedures they’re conducting.

Income By Patient

In Touch Biller PRO has the tool to evaluate revenues and income potential base on the patient.

Clinicians can determine if the most income is generated by those who self-pay or have insurance through certain companies.

In Touch Biller PROThe reports of this physical therapy software can demonstrate which patients help the practice make the most money. They can show the co-pays of patients and how quickly balances are paid.

Using the reports, clinicians have the ability to not schedule more visit with specific patients until their bill is paid.

Clinicians aren’t bill collectors.

In Touch Biller PRO provides the types of sophisticated reports needed for practitioners to make financial decisions about their business without spending time, money and resources trying to collect delinquent balances.

In Touch Biller PRO gives practitioners the freedom to get more than 100 types of reports at any time, allowing clinicians to practice the way they want and manage their cash flow as they see fit.


Common Myths About the KX Modifier and the Role of EMR

Common Myths About the KX Modifier and the Role of EMR

We get a lot of questions from billers, therapists and front desk people asking if the In Touch EMR™ system tracks the KX modifier and Medicare caps.

EMRThere’s no way any EMR system can do that.

The Medicare cap is shared with multiple professionals and the software has no way of knowing if a patient has seen another provider.

Tracking Medicare Caps

Clinicians can track the Medicare cap on a specific patient on the Medicare website. It’s the only accurate way of monitoring when a patient has neared his/her financial cap.

There’s no available EMR system that can track the Medicare cap, despite what vendors say. It’s not that they’re being deliberately misleading. It’s that they simply don’t know.

The In Touch EMR™ Difference

With the In Touch EMR, Medicare caps are handled differently. Clinicians monitor the caps of their patients to determine when it’s met or exceeded.

At that point, practitioners call In Touch EMR™ and the system is told to amend the KX modifier, which it does from that point going forward.

The KX Modifier

Medicare places an annual cap on the reimbursement amounts that it will pay for each patient’s physical therapy needs. That amount was $1,900 in 2013 for combined services of physical therapy and speech pathology.

Another $1,900 was allotted for occupational therapy.

The KX modifier is used for Part B claims when the cost for services exceeds Medicare’s financial cap, while meeting the exceptions process.

The KX modifier is also used when performing gender specific therapy. Its use notifies Medicare that it may need to examine a claim for editing.

EMRPayment is generally made, providing that clinicians have met and maintained the stringent documentation required to prove medical necessity.

It’s important to note that even with pre-approval, there’s no guarantee that reimbursements will be made.

It’s critical that clinicians understand the limitations and abilities of their EMR.

While no EMR can monitor the Medicare cap on a specific patient, Medicare maintains a running tab on each beneficiary and practitioners can use the site to ascertain the cap of any patient.

Once that information has been determined, the In Touch EMR™ can be told and the appropriate functions activated, making the billing process easier and more efficient for clinicians.