The Three Key Elements of Claim Submission

The Three Key Elements of Claim Submission

The financial success of a practice relies on the biller’s ability to complete claims and submit them as quickly as possible. Automation is the key to accomplishing that goal. In Touch EMR™ provides practices with an extensive array of automatic functions to make clinics more efficient, productive and profitable.

Billers should have access to three key functionalities within their billing software. Those elements make their job easier and allow them to submit clean claims that are far less likely to be denied or encounter problems during the payment process.

Automatic Forwarding

When the clinician has completed the patient encounter documentation, he/she should be able to hit a single button and have the EMR system automatically forward the claim to the billing department. In Touch EMR™ provides that ability. Claims are carried forward form the EMR to the billing system automatically, complete with the CPT and ICD codes, documentation and other pertinent information needed to submit the claim.

Making Changes

In Touch EMR™ allows billers to make changes within the claim when a conflict arises. The software automatically notifies billers of potential problems and incompatibilities within the claim. Billing professionals can then utilize their experience, expertise and insight to edit the claim appropriately. In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO work together to seamlessly expedite the claims process.

Next to the clinician, the biller is the most important person in the practice. Providing the biller with software that offers the ability to rectify coding conflicts and works with them to expedite claims makes their job easier and creates a better cash flow for the clinic.

Keeping It Clean

The ability to scrub claims before they’re transmitted is essential. It reduces denials and facilitates every step of the payment process. In Touch EMR™ provides automatic scrubbing to create clean claims that are paid faster. It makes the biller’s job easier, promotes productivity and simplifies the claims process from start to finish.

The built-in abilities of the integrated In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO work harmoniously to facilitate the claims process, while automating key abilities it with a variety of one-touch functionalities. The software systems provide the means to edit claims to resolve conflicts that would result in denials, allowing billers to submit clean claims that are paid quickly for improved cash flow.

What to Expect From Your Biller

What to Expect From Your Biller

The biller is the most important person in the practice other than the clinician. It’s time that clinicians stopped accepting inefficiencies in their billing department by automating many of the biller’s tasks. The right software can help billers work better and faster, submit claims that are less likely to be denied, and increase the overall efficiency of the billing department.

Stop Manual Input

There’s no need for billers to manually enter every scrap if information. In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO are both integrated software systems that feature one-touch functionalities to input information and even send batch claims. That ability increases the biller’s efficiency, allowing them to spend more time following up on claims.

One-Touch Posting

A lot of information comes through the billing department, from claims and communications from payers to ERAs. In Touch EMR™ provides billers with one-touch posting of ERAs to patient accounts. A wide variety of information can be securely sent to patient files with a simple click of a button. Manual posting is one of the most time consuming tasks for billers and the software makes their job quicker, while assisting in quicker returns on claims.

Reporting Techniques

Billers should be able to provide clinicians with sophisticated reports about any facet of the practice. In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO both provide billers with the ability to generate reports by payer, provider and patient, along with location, ICD and CPT code, and by referral sources. Reports can be created by accounts receivable, payments made and by clinic.

In Touch EMR™ provides a depth of diagnosis that most EMR systems can’t. The software includes diagnosis pointers that allow users to produce reports that correlate CPT and related ICD codes. Reporting is available that demonstrates income by ICD code, allowing clinicians to determine which types of procedures pay the most, and which insurance companies offer the best reimbursement rates.

When billers are more efficient, so is the practice. Clinicians deserve all the help and advantages they can get and software makes the job easier for them and their billers. With In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO, billers can spend more time following through on claims and getting clinicians the money to which they’re entitled.

Cost Savings with Your EMR and Billing Software

Cost Savings with Your EMR and Billing Software

Imagine an EMR system that verifies patient eligibility, documents and provides prompts for billers to get the most out of each patient visit. That system is now available in the In Touch EMR™. In a two-physician practice that sees 100 patients per week, In Touch EMR™ can add up to more than $50,000 in savings each year.

Front Desk Savings

With In Touch EMR™, the front desk can check insurance eligibility online in seconds. The front desk can create a patient chart automatically and another click of a button schedules an appointment that automatically appears in the EMR program.

There’s no need to call insurance companies or enter information manually, for savings of at least 10 minutes per patient. If front desk staff is making $15 per hour, that’s a savings of $300-$400 per week for a two-physician practice.

Documentation Savings

In Touch EMR™ already has the patient information in the system, ready for the clinician when the client arrives for their appointment, allowing physicians to immediately begin an assessment. In Touch EMR™ has voice recognition capabilities for documentation that will save five minutes per patient. That adds up to 16-18 hours per week for a minimum savings of $300 per week.

The In Touch EMR™ allows clinicians to make custom templates that conform to the way they work, not the other way around. In Touch EMR™ is also the only EMR system with iPad compatibility that enables patients to complete much of the intake work themselves that provides further savings.

Billing Savings

When the patient visit is completed, a single button click sends the claim directly to billing. The information doesn’t have to be re-entered and billers can review, edit, add modifiers and provide secondary documentation if needed. In Touch EMR™ has an automated scrubber, provides billers with prompts for a variety of information, and notifies them of potential problems.

A single click of a button automatically creates the claim and submits it at the end of the day. No manual batching of claims is needed. ERAs are automatically sent to the patient’s record with one-click functionality and statements generated.

In Touch EMR™ prompts for notes and when certifications are about to expire. All this saves 10 minutes per patient for savings of up to $300 per week.

In Touch EMR™ is a merger between theory and practice. Clinicians know they need every minute they can get and the software is quick, easy and compliant. The In Touch EMR™ is like having another full-time employee and results aren’t linear, they’re exponential.

The savings that can be attained in a two-physician office seeing 100 patients per week amounts to $52,000 a year. That’s a significant addition to the bottom line of any practice.

Myths About Online Eligibility Verification

Myths About Online Eligibility Verification

Verifying patient eligibility is a time consuming process and billers can spend hours on the phone trying to verify the eligibility of just one patient.

EMRIn Touch Biller PRO is designed to simply that process and make it faster, with a reach extending across the nation.

Online Eligibility

For their own protection, practices should be verifying patient eligibility each time clients come into the office.

Insurance theft is becoming more of a problem and can cost a practice hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

In Touch Biller PRO allows practices to perform online eligibility checks with almost every payer in the nation.

Unfortunately, online verification won’t work with some providers, because they either don’t have software with that ability, or the company hasn’t made that function available to medical practices.

When working with companies that offer that ability, users can hit a single button with In Touch Biller PRO to instantly create a patient chart with the necessary information.

There’s no guesswork – the patient’s information comes directly from their insurance company or Medicare. It’s known as auto patient charting and In Touch Biller PRO is the only billing software with that ability.

For payers that don’t offer online verification, the task still has to be done the old-fashioned way.

In Touch Biller PRO allows billers to make notes within the billing software to document all the pertinent information surrounding the verification request.

Electronic Benefits

According to the American Medical Association, online insurance verification can save practices up to $4,000 a year.EMR

Eligibility information is more accurate and is available quicker.

Staff members spend less time on the phone with payers and the patient’s financial responsibility can be determined almost instantly, allowing clinicians to collect patient co-pays before they leave the office.

In Touch Biller PRO integrates easily with existing office systems and with In Touch EMR™.

Information can be obtained from the patient prior to their visit and eligibility determined before they arrive for their appointment. The physical therapy software reduces the number of rejected claims and the time patients spend waiting in the office.

In Touch Biller PRO offers clinicians the means to verify insurance eligibility online with Medicare and payers across the nation. Verification can be accomplished prior to appointments and data comes directly from insurance companies for increased accuracy. Patients spend less time waiting in the office and staff members are free to perform other high-dollar tasks.

The Difference Between an EMR, Billing Software, a Clearinghouse and Billing Service

The Difference Between an EMR, Billing Software, a Clearinghouse and Billing Service

An EMR has many capabilities and a fully integrated software system allows clinicians to handle every facet of the practice’s business, from patient documentation to submitting claims for billing.

billingConfusion exists about EMRs, the software’s capability and how therapists can use it for optimum efficiency, and the key word to remember is integrated.

EMRs – Primary Functions

An EMR provides the tools to create documentation on each patient.

It can be accessed by multiple providers for continuity of care and is instantly updated.

It should have the ability to create intuitive custom templates that are most effective and efficient for each individual practice.

The EMR should have the ability to upload documents to patient files, from photo identification and insurance cards to test results, referrals and x-rays.

Most importantly, it’s essential that the EMR be able to communicate seamlessly with billing software.

In Touch EMR™ has the ability to integrate with existing office systems.

Integrated Billing

A therapist’s billing software has several requirements. It must be fully integrated with the practice’s clearinghouse and have the ability to check insurance eligibility online.

Billing software needs the ability to scrub claims and notify users of any potential problems.

Automatic posting of ERAs, batch submissions and billing statement generation speeds up the reimbursement process and In Touch Biller PRO™ software does all of that.

Clearinghouses – The Path To Payment

Medical billing software submits claims for documentation, along with supporting documentation.

Clearinghouses scrub the claims for errors and either forwards it to insurance companies for payment or back to the practice as a denial.

Creating clean claims at the office level virtually eliminates denials and delayed payments that will occur if the billing software isn’t compatible and integrated with the clearinghouse.

Integrated Billing Servicesbilling

It doesn’t matter whether billing is conducted in-house or outsourced, it’s essential that billing personnel master the practice’s billing software to obtain the full benefit of its capabilities.

In Touch Biller PRO™ is designed to be fully integrated with clearinghouse software, submits claims, manages denials and scrubs claims before they reach the clearinghouse.

It also generates statements and tracks patient benefits.

In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO™ are both specifically designed with the needs of the therapist in mind. The software systems streamline documentation and assists practitioners remain compliant with applicable laws and the requirements of insurance companies to get paid faster.

Are You Making These Mistakes with Your EMR?

Are You Making These Mistakes with Your EMR?

With mandatory EMR implementation looming large on the horizon, therapists need to seriously consider the system they’ll be using. The software should be integrated throughout the office, with automatic functions that allow clinicians to work smarter, not harder.

EMRThere are key abilities that every practitioner should demand from their EMR system for documentation, billing and mobile readiness.

Integrated Billing

The selected EMR system should be fully integrated with billing and have the ability to detect and identify potential problems before claims are sent to clearinghouses.

In Touch EMR™ does all that and provides billing specialists with the means to easily obtain data, scrub claims for errors, and submit reimbursement requests individually or through automated batch filings.

Custom Templates

Most EMRs have a preprogramed set of parameters and forms that require clinicians to conform to the software.

In Touch EMR™ is designed specifically for therapists and conforms to the way clinician work, not the other way around.

Therapists can create custom documentation templates that best fits the individual needs of the practice.

Voice Recognition

Technology has given practitioners the means to document quickly and efficiently without the need to type information into patient files.

In Touch EMR™ has one of the most sophisticated voice recognition capabilities available, allowing practitioners to dictate and document on the go.

Clinicians can combine voice and typing options if they choose.

Going Mobile

Mobile devices are part of everyday life, but few therapists realize how the technology can be a distinct advantage in their practice.

With In Touch EMR™, therapists can use an iPad to perform many of the functions that would normally fall to staff.

With the EMR, tablet technology can be used for patient check-ins.

Clients can fill out forms, take a photo of themselves for identification, and supply their insurance information with the iPad’s built-in camera.

Data goes straight to client record and maintained safely in the cloud. Using a mobile device frees staff to work on other projects.

Mobile needs for practices extend to the ability to send text and voice messages to patients, and In Touch EMR™ can do that automatically.

The system can communicate with patients to remind them of appointments, accounts due and ask for referrals, along with sending physical and electronic greetings and newsletters.

Eliminating Sneaky FeesEMR

Many clinicians are finding that EMR vendors have a long list of sneaky fees. Practitioners are being required to pay for each individual user and that they’re being charged for each function they utilize.

With In Touch EMR™ clinicians only pay for licensed therapists that use the system. Technicians and others who must have access can do so for free.

An EMR is supposed to work for clinicians, not against them.

In Touch EMR™ provides the tools to take advantage of modern communication and documentation methods. It conforms to the requirements of the therapist and integrates with billing systems for a more efficient and profitable practice.