Should an EMR do marketing – the simple answer to that question is yes if it’s the In Touch EMR™. Marketing is an essential part of running a business and a clinician’s office software should have the functionality to do that without taking time from the practice’s normal processes.


The Information Is There

Clinicians are already using their EMR to document patient visits and it has all the information needed to perform marketing tasks.

It has a patient’s phone number and address, and it should also contain their email address and cell phone number.

That data allows practitioners to contact patients in multiple ways phone for appointment reminders and account balances, and it also offers marketing opportunities.

It’s just as easy to use that information to stay in touch with patients to inform them of special offers, to ask for referrals or send a simple holiday greeting.

It’s critical that clinicians keep their name in front of clients for when they require services and the In Touch EMR™ provides the tools to do that.

Ways To Stay In Touch

In Touch EMR™ allows clinicians to contact patients via phone, email, regular mail and text message.

It’s fully integrated with billing software and allows practitioners to communicate with patients automatically, freeing staff to do other tasks.

It also allows therapists to communicate with patients through newsletters and has built-in greeting card software.

Patients expect to be contacted about account balances and receive appointment reminders.

EMRIt’s a pleasant surprise when they receive a card or text message on their anniversary date with the practice, to check on their health, or receive a greeting on their birthday.

Clients can opt out at any time from receiving any of those communication methods.

An EMR that doesn’t market isn’t serving its full potential.

In Touch EMR™ is the only one that offers marketing capabilities and it performs those tasks automatically with information that’s already available.

The built-in automatic capabilities of In Touch EMR™ allow clinicians and staff to spend more time on the business of treating patients. Greater office efficiency is achieved and therapists can rest easy knowing that their EMR is working in the background to market their practice.