Ideal Practice Workflow Part 2: Documentation

Ideal Practice Workflow Part 2: Documentation

Clinicians are hearing a lot about being more efficient in their practice and it’s essential for professionals practicing in the Obamacare era.

Reimbursements are being reduced by Medicare and insurance companies, and clinicians must evolve in the way they operate their practice if they are to maintain a viable business.

EMROne of the ways clinicians can accomplish that is through the use of EMR and billing software that works together.

In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO interact seamlessly to accomplish the three key areas to improve workflow – patient intake, documentation and billing.

Patient Intake

During the intake process, In Touch EMR™ allows the front desk to verify and obtain patient information directly from the payer, create a patient file and schedule an appointment.

The information automatically goes into the EMR system where it can be retrieved by the clinician when the client arrives for their appointment.

Automatic Documentation

The one-click documentation available with the In Touch EMR™ saves an enormous amount of time. With one click, the clinician can create a document for that patient to record everything from an evaluation to treatment notes.

One of the unique features of In Touch EMR™ is that clinicians can make progress notes and they all appear automatically anytime the patient record is opened providing them with an at-a-glance overview.

Practitioners can make changes to their notes to reflect changes within the patient and their progress.

The EMR system also alerts clinicians to G codes and other pertinent data.

One Touch Billing

In Touch EMR™ works hand-in-hand with In Touch Biller PRO to make the billing process as easy as possible.

At the conclusion of the patient’s visit, clinicians simply hit one button – finalize claim.

Patient data and documentation is automatically sent to In Touch Biller PRO where it’s ready for submission. 

EMRThe claim appears within the billing software and clinicians can designate if claims are sent individually or as batch files.

Increasing the overall efficiency of the practice workflow allows for greater accuracy, less wasted time and increased revenues.

The keys are patient intake, documentation and billing.

When those three aspects work together, it provides a better patient experience and increased revenues for the practice.

In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO work together seamlessly to automate a variety of tasks to lessen the workload of everyone within the practice.

Ideal Practice Workflow Part One: Front Office

Ideal Practice Workflow Part One: Front Office

The current healthcare climate demands that practices become more efficient at every task. Efficiency begins at the front desk by gathering all the needed patient information and verification before scheduling the client’s appointment.

The entire process can be accomplished with the In Touch EMR™ for savings in time and reduced denials.

In Touch EMROnline Verification

In Touch EMR™ works with thousands of payers across the nation, making benefit verification a matter of a few moments.

When the payer doesn’t have the ability to verify online or they don’t offer it for certain physician types, such as physical therapists, it’s still possible to verify the old-fashioned way with a phone call.

Online verification is critical for practices to avoid health insurance fraud and theft.

Even though more people have insurance coverage through the Affordable Health Care Act, health insurance theft is a serious problem that robs practices across the U.S. of millions of dollars annually.

In Touch EMR™ has the time saving tools to quickly verify every aspect of the patient’s data.

One Click Charting

Streamlining front desk processing takes a major leap with one-click patient charting built into the In Touch EMR™.

With just one click of a button, the front desk can capture all the needed patient information (with the patient’s permission), create a chart, and schedule the client’s appointment.

There’s no need to spent time manually entering demographic information by hand.

In Touch EMR™ captures the information from the insurance company at the time of online verification.In Touch EMR

Online verification and one-click charting work together to minimize denials.

Patient enrollment and benefit information comes directly from the insurance company, eliminating spelling mistakes and incorrect contact information.

The integrated In Touch EMR™ works hand-in-hand with verification and charting, and documentation can be further streamlined with an iPad.

Manually checking patient information, creating charts and verifying eligibility is a thing of the past with the In Touch EMR™.

The integrated software system saves time, reduces denials and automatically creates patient files with the click of a button. Designed specifically for physical therapists, it allows practices to schedule more efficiently and get paid without worrying about reimbursement denials.

Myths About Online Eligibility Verification

Myths About Online Eligibility Verification

Verifying patient eligibility is a time consuming process and billers can spend hours on the phone trying to verify the eligibility of just one patient.

EMRIn Touch Biller PRO is designed to simply that process and make it faster, with a reach extending across the nation.

Online Eligibility

For their own protection, practices should be verifying patient eligibility each time clients come into the office.

Insurance theft is becoming more of a problem and can cost a practice hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

In Touch Biller PRO allows practices to perform online eligibility checks with almost every payer in the nation.

Unfortunately, online verification won’t work with some providers, because they either don’t have software with that ability, or the company hasn’t made that function available to medical practices.

When working with companies that offer that ability, users can hit a single button with In Touch Biller PRO to instantly create a patient chart with the necessary information.

There’s no guesswork – the patient’s information comes directly from their insurance company or Medicare. It’s known as auto patient charting and In Touch Biller PRO is the only billing software with that ability.

For payers that don’t offer online verification, the task still has to be done the old-fashioned way.

In Touch Biller PRO allows billers to make notes within the billing software to document all the pertinent information surrounding the verification request.

Electronic Benefits

According to the American Medical Association, online insurance verification can save practices up to $4,000 a year.EMR

Eligibility information is more accurate and is available quicker.

Staff members spend less time on the phone with payers and the patient’s financial responsibility can be determined almost instantly, allowing clinicians to collect patient co-pays before they leave the office.

In Touch Biller PRO integrates easily with existing office systems and with In Touch EMR™.

Information can be obtained from the patient prior to their visit and eligibility determined before they arrive for their appointment. The physical therapy software reduces the number of rejected claims and the time patients spend waiting in the office.

In Touch Biller PRO offers clinicians the means to verify insurance eligibility online with Medicare and payers across the nation. Verification can be accomplished prior to appointments and data comes directly from insurance companies for increased accuracy. Patients spend less time waiting in the office and staff members are free to perform other high-dollar tasks.

In Touch Biller PRO: The Type of Reports This Billing Software Gives You

In Touch Biller PRO: The Type of Reports This Billing Software Gives You

Many billing services become attached to a specific software program. That’s not a problem in itself, but if the service can’t or won’t provide clinicians with the type of reports they need, it can cost practices in revenues.

In Touch Biller PROIn Touch Biller PRO allows clinicians to receive more than 100 different sophisticated reports to help manage practices and cash flow effectively.

Show Me The Money

To manage the financial health of their practice, clinicians have to know where revenue is being generated.

In Touch Biller PRO provides the means to do that with an array of in-depth reports.

Practitioners can generate reports that show income by ICD code to determine which types of procedures pay the most.

Clinicians can easily ascertain which insurance companies are the most desirable to work with based on reimbursement rates.

That ability becomes an even more important feature as insurance companies and Medicare continues to reduce reimbursement amounts.

In a multi-clinician practice, it’s important for a practice owner to know who is producing the most revenue.

In Touch Biller PRO enables business owners to determine the productivity level of each provider.

Income reports can be generated for each clinician in In Touch Biller Pro to discover how many patients are being seen and the types of procedures they’re conducting.

Income By Patient

In Touch Biller PRO has the tool to evaluate revenues and income potential base on the patient.

Clinicians can determine if the most income is generated by those who self-pay or have insurance through certain companies.

In Touch Biller PROThe reports of this physical therapy software can demonstrate which patients help the practice make the most money. They can show the co-pays of patients and how quickly balances are paid.

Using the reports, clinicians have the ability to not schedule more visit with specific patients until their bill is paid.

Clinicians aren’t bill collectors.

In Touch Biller PRO provides the types of sophisticated reports needed for practitioners to make financial decisions about their business without spending time, money and resources trying to collect delinquent balances.

In Touch Biller PRO gives practitioners the freedom to get more than 100 types of reports at any time, allowing clinicians to practice the way they want and manage their cash flow as they see fit.


Billers: Are They Making These Mistakes with the Billing Service?

Billers: Are They Making These Mistakes with the Billing Service?

Billing is more than just submitting claims. It includes denial management, the ability to generate sophisticated reports and posting ERAs to patient accounts.

billersBilling companies or individual billers may have certain software or clearinghouses they’re used to working with and may be reluctant to change.

Billers may not even be aware that software exists with automatic functions that can make their job easier and more productive.

They’re often spending more time than they should on tasks that can be automated. In Touch Biller PRO was designed to make the biller’s job easier and facilitates quicker claim processing.

Automatic ERA

Electronic admittance advice (ERA), known to patients as their explanation of benefits (EOB), is manually posted to patient records in many practices.

Manual posting is one of the biggest time consuming tasks for billers.

With the touch of a button, In Touch Biller PRO automatically transmits ERAs to patient accounts to become part of their permanent record.

The software automates the payment process, saving time for billers and allowing clinicians to get paid faster.

Quick Compilations

Many billers are still compiling claims manually for transmission to clearinghouses and they aren’t scrubbing claims prior to submission.

In Touch Biller PRO has the ability to automatically collect claims for batch submissions.

It goes one step further, identifying areas where a potential problem exists and then notifying the biller. The software does the scrubbing work for billers and it can be set to conveniently send batch claims at pre-determined times.

Denial Management

Denied claims cost clinicians in lost or delayed reimbursements. They slow the work of billers, who must spend significant amounts of time in pursing those payments.

In Touch Biller PRO is a complete denial management system that relieves billers of the tasks associated with denials.

The software has tracking features that automatically assembles and monitors notes, communications, dates and documentation for easy recall and referral.

Reporting Results

billersReports help clinicians determine a wide range of information, from where referrals are originating to payment rates.

Billing software should be able to provide sophisticated reports on accounts receivable, payments made, referral rates, by CPT and ICD codes, or by clinic.

Over 200 reports can be generated with the sophisticated reporting mechanism of In Touch Biller PRO.

Clinicians will always have the needed figures at their fingertips to manage any aspect of their practice.

In Touch Biller PRO can be integrated with In Touch EMR™ and existing systems. To decrease denials and improve reimbursement approvals, clinicians should speak with their billing company about the software’s advantages. It makes their job significantly easier and increases reimbursements for practitioners.

Should Your EMR Do Marketing?

Should Your EMR Do Marketing?

Should an EMR do marketing – the simple answer to that question is yes if it’s the In Touch EMR™. Marketing is an essential part of running a business and a clinician’s office software should have the functionality to do that without taking time from the practice’s normal processes.


The Information Is There

Clinicians are already using their EMR to document patient visits and it has all the information needed to perform marketing tasks.

It has a patient’s phone number and address, and it should also contain their email address and cell phone number.

That data allows practitioners to contact patients in multiple ways phone for appointment reminders and account balances, and it also offers marketing opportunities.

It’s just as easy to use that information to stay in touch with patients to inform them of special offers, to ask for referrals or send a simple holiday greeting.

It’s critical that clinicians keep their name in front of clients for when they require services and the In Touch EMR™ provides the tools to do that.

Ways To Stay In Touch

In Touch EMR™ allows clinicians to contact patients via phone, email, regular mail and text message.

It’s fully integrated with billing software and allows practitioners to communicate with patients automatically, freeing staff to do other tasks.

It also allows therapists to communicate with patients through newsletters and has built-in greeting card software.

Patients expect to be contacted about account balances and receive appointment reminders.

EMRIt’s a pleasant surprise when they receive a card or text message on their anniversary date with the practice, to check on their health, or receive a greeting on their birthday.

Clients can opt out at any time from receiving any of those communication methods.

An EMR that doesn’t market isn’t serving its full potential.

In Touch EMR™ is the only one that offers marketing capabilities and it performs those tasks automatically with information that’s already available.

The built-in automatic capabilities of In Touch EMR™ allow clinicians and staff to spend more time on the business of treating patients. Greater office efficiency is achieved and therapists can rest easy knowing that their EMR is working in the background to market their practice.