The Importance of Flexibility in Your Documentation

The Importance of Flexibility in Your Documentation

There’s a big problem with most EMR software providers and the templates they typically include. The documents are often created with a one-size-fits-all approach, include far more detail than the average physical therapist will ever need, and they don’t allow practitioners to document their work in their own way. These templates turn therapists into data entry experts rather than clinicians.

Too Much Information

Each practice is different. Every clinician must have the ability to create their own templates to match their workflow and office processes. Most EMR software templates force practitioners to conform to the way the template is designed. In Touch EMR™ allows each user to create and customize documents to reflect the practice and its services.

The clinician is the most important person in a physical therapy practice. He/she is what drives the money that supports the practice, allowing the bills to get paid and the clinic to make a profit. Therapists have to treat patients to support the clinic. In an effort to be efficient and comprehensive, most EMR templates take excessive time to complete, don’t enhance the workflow and don’t consider the individual needs of the practice.

Be Creative

With the In Touch EMR™, clinicians can create their own templates from scratch, providing them with greater flexibility in their documentation needs. The ability to create customized templates ensures that clinicians remain compliant. The goal of documentation should be to minimize the time needed entering information, while providing enough data to support the diagnosis and treatment.

The advantage of custom templates is that if the clinician is audited, he/she is able to go directly to the documentation data to support their actions. Custom templates ensure that the data is very precise. Templates are easily integrated into the workflow for greater efficiency at all levels of the practice.


There’s No Perfect Documentation

In Touch EMR™ provides the tools for clinicians to focus on their practice and patients. Therapists need an integrated workflow instead of focusing on the best form. The “perfect” documentation form is never going to be seen. The majority of EMR templates attempt to achieve that goal, but only succeed in creating more work for clinicians.

The goal of documentation for every therapist should be threefold. It should be simple, minimal, yet provide enough information to support their actions. Anything else is overkill and turns clinicians into data entry experts instead of the highly trained and skilled professionals they are.

The Three Key Elements of Claim Submission

The Three Key Elements of Claim Submission

The financial success of a practice relies on the biller’s ability to complete claims and submit them as quickly as possible. Automation is the key to accomplishing that goal. In Touch EMR™ provides practices with an extensive array of automatic functions to make clinics more efficient, productive and profitable.

Billers should have access to three key functionalities within their billing software. Those elements make their job easier and allow them to submit clean claims that are far less likely to be denied or encounter problems during the payment process.

Automatic Forwarding

When the clinician has completed the patient encounter documentation, he/she should be able to hit a single button and have the EMR system automatically forward the claim to the billing department. In Touch EMR™ provides that ability. Claims are carried forward form the EMR to the billing system automatically, complete with the CPT and ICD codes, documentation and other pertinent information needed to submit the claim.

Making Changes

In Touch EMR™ allows billers to make changes within the claim when a conflict arises. The software automatically notifies billers of potential problems and incompatibilities within the claim. Billing professionals can then utilize their experience, expertise and insight to edit the claim appropriately. In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO work together to seamlessly expedite the claims process.

Next to the clinician, the biller is the most important person in the practice. Providing the biller with software that offers the ability to rectify coding conflicts and works with them to expedite claims makes their job easier and creates a better cash flow for the clinic.

Keeping It Clean

The ability to scrub claims before they’re transmitted is essential. It reduces denials and facilitates every step of the payment process. In Touch EMR™ provides automatic scrubbing to create clean claims that are paid faster. It makes the biller’s job easier, promotes productivity and simplifies the claims process from start to finish.

The built-in abilities of the integrated In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO work harmoniously to facilitate the claims process, while automating key abilities it with a variety of one-touch functionalities. The software systems provide the means to edit claims to resolve conflicts that would result in denials, allowing billers to submit clean claims that are paid quickly for improved cash flow.

What to Expect From Your Biller

What to Expect From Your Biller

The biller is the most important person in the practice other than the clinician. It’s time that clinicians stopped accepting inefficiencies in their billing department by automating many of the biller’s tasks. The right software can help billers work better and faster, submit claims that are less likely to be denied, and increase the overall efficiency of the billing department.

Stop Manual Input

There’s no need for billers to manually enter every scrap if information. In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO are both integrated software systems that feature one-touch functionalities to input information and even send batch claims. That ability increases the biller’s efficiency, allowing them to spend more time following up on claims.

One-Touch Posting

A lot of information comes through the billing department, from claims and communications from payers to ERAs. In Touch EMR™ provides billers with one-touch posting of ERAs to patient accounts. A wide variety of information can be securely sent to patient files with a simple click of a button. Manual posting is one of the most time consuming tasks for billers and the software makes their job quicker, while assisting in quicker returns on claims.

Reporting Techniques

Billers should be able to provide clinicians with sophisticated reports about any facet of the practice. In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO both provide billers with the ability to generate reports by payer, provider and patient, along with location, ICD and CPT code, and by referral sources. Reports can be created by accounts receivable, payments made and by clinic.

In Touch EMR™ provides a depth of diagnosis that most EMR systems can’t. The software includes diagnosis pointers that allow users to produce reports that correlate CPT and related ICD codes. Reporting is available that demonstrates income by ICD code, allowing clinicians to determine which types of procedures pay the most, and which insurance companies offer the best reimbursement rates.

When billers are more efficient, so is the practice. Clinicians deserve all the help and advantages they can get and software makes the job easier for them and their billers. With In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO, billers can spend more time following through on claims and getting clinicians the money to which they’re entitled.

Web-Based Vs. Server-Based EMR Systems

Web-Based Vs. Server-Based EMR Systems

The advantages of a Web-based EMR system have proven so great that server-based systems are slowly being phased out. Web-based systems utilize cloud storage and access from a wide variety of devices. They also address HIPAA compliance issues and are generally updated regularly and automatically to take advantage of new features and functionalities.

Anywhere Access

A Web-based system like In In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO can be accessed from any device and any location where an Internet connection exists. Clinicians simply pick up their device and begin using their system. Information can be accessed from a laptop or desktop computer, tablets, and from PC or Mac operating systems. They’re affordable and don’t require purchasing a lot of equipment. Web-based systems are flexible and really are the wave of the future.

Patient information can be updated instantly and accessed by multiple physicians for continuity of care and patient safety. In Touch EMR™ is compatible with multiple browsers, allowing clinicians to work with systems with which they’re most comfortable. The integrated software provides practitioners with a portable solution for the practice, while allowing them to expand services to off-site venues to generate additional revenues.

Electronic Communication

An online system is required for conducting business with Medicare and Medicaid. Many payers, such as Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Aetna and others, are only accepting claims submitted through electronic means. In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO offers instant submissions and return notifications from payers that are transmitted securely for quicker reimbursements. Claims can be submitted automatically, either individually or in a batch.

HIPAA Security and Compliance

In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO are both Web-based systems that are automatically updated and employ strict security measures to ensure the safety of patient information at no additional cost to clinicians. Practitioners don’t have to worry about maintaining HIPAA compliance, the system was designed to protect the interests of users.

The integrated In Touch EMR™ provides clinicians with an affordable, flexible and secure EMR solution. Records are stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed from multiple locations for ease of use. Updates and HIPAA compliance are included automatically, allowing clinicians to focus on treating patients and growing their practice.

Cost Savings with Your EMR and Billing Software

Cost Savings with Your EMR and Billing Software

Imagine an EMR system that verifies patient eligibility, documents and provides prompts for billers to get the most out of each patient visit. That system is now available in the In Touch EMR™. In a two-physician practice that sees 100 patients per week, In Touch EMR™ can add up to more than $50,000 in savings each year.

Front Desk Savings

With In Touch EMR™, the front desk can check insurance eligibility online in seconds. The front desk can create a patient chart automatically and another click of a button schedules an appointment that automatically appears in the EMR program.

There’s no need to call insurance companies or enter information manually, for savings of at least 10 minutes per patient. If front desk staff is making $15 per hour, that’s a savings of $300-$400 per week for a two-physician practice.

Documentation Savings

In Touch EMR™ already has the patient information in the system, ready for the clinician when the client arrives for their appointment, allowing physicians to immediately begin an assessment. In Touch EMR™ has voice recognition capabilities for documentation that will save five minutes per patient. That adds up to 16-18 hours per week for a minimum savings of $300 per week.

The In Touch EMR™ allows clinicians to make custom templates that conform to the way they work, not the other way around. In Touch EMR™ is also the only EMR system with iPad compatibility that enables patients to complete much of the intake work themselves that provides further savings.

Billing Savings

When the patient visit is completed, a single button click sends the claim directly to billing. The information doesn’t have to be re-entered and billers can review, edit, add modifiers and provide secondary documentation if needed. In Touch EMR™ has an automated scrubber, provides billers with prompts for a variety of information, and notifies them of potential problems.

A single click of a button automatically creates the claim and submits it at the end of the day. No manual batching of claims is needed. ERAs are automatically sent to the patient’s record with one-click functionality and statements generated.

In Touch EMR™ prompts for notes and when certifications are about to expire. All this saves 10 minutes per patient for savings of up to $300 per week.

In Touch EMR™ is a merger between theory and practice. Clinicians know they need every minute they can get and the software is quick, easy and compliant. The In Touch EMR™ is like having another full-time employee and results aren’t linear, they’re exponential.

The savings that can be attained in a two-physician office seeing 100 patients per week amounts to $52,000 a year. That’s a significant addition to the bottom line of any practice.

Ideal Practice Workflow Part 3: Billing

Ideal Practice Workflow Part 3: Billing

Billing should be the backbone of any practice, but many vendors focus on the EMR with no billing function or view billing as an afterthought. An EMR must support billing and that’s one of the unique features of the In Touch EMR™.

In Touch EMRIt works in concert with In Touch Biller PRO and other systems to reduce denials, increase revenues and streamline the practice workflow.

Effective Billing

To be effective, billers have to enter the claim information, either manually or automatically.

In Touch EMR™ offers an array of automatic functions that make a biller’s life easier, more productive and allows clinicians to get paid faster.

In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO have built-in crosswalks that automatically verify if ICD and CPT codes match, along with the date and time of service.

A unique feature of In Touch EMR™ is that the claim can be edited if necessary to bring all data into alignment.

More importantly, the system identifies any modifiers that are applicable and attaches them if necessary.

CCI edits are automatic and the software tells the biller if they need to be added, along with a supporting diagnosis. The software conducts matching to determine if the CPT code is related to a certain ICD code.

With the right depth of diagnosis provided with In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO, clinicians minimize audits and denials, and remain more compliant.

Working In Tandem

Few EMRs have the ability to transmit data directly to billing software. In Touch EMR™ does and this is a huge innovation for streamlining practices.

After claims arrive from In Touch EMR™ to billing, it tells billers which codes are worth the most money.

The claim is scrubbed for errors before it’s ever transmitted to the clearinghouse.

ERAs automatically appear and can be posted with a single click.

It makes billing more efficient and allows clinicians to do what they like to do – treating patients.

Saving Money

In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO pay for themselves quickly.

If clinicians save just eight minutes per patient with the systems, that’s 5 hours and 20 minutes per week.

That translates into $150 in savings per week and $10,000 per year at 50 visits per week.

The three steps for the ideal practice workflow (front desk, documentation and billing) will change the way clinicians do things.In Touch EMR

Practitioners may have to drop their current billing software or service, but it’s worth the trouble.

It’s the difference between a practice that’s running out of steam and one that’s going like a speeding bullet.

In Touch EMR™ can have clients up and running in 24 hours and at a reasonable price.

Many clinicians are entrenched in the way their current system operates. They’re emotionally and financially invested in the systems, but if the software is inefficient and doesn’t work together for the benefit of the practitioner, it’s costing clinicians in wasted time and lost revenues.