Nitin Chhoda reveals how to transform productivity in your practice with the ‘date and time stamping strategy’ to minimize ‘wasted time’ and boost staff effectiveness in your practice.

physical therapy software programsPhysical therapy software staff members are industrious individuals, but in some practices, loafing, loitering, and wasting time are at epidemic proportions.

Staff members that are wasting time, unintentionally or on purpose, are essentially stealing and costing thousands or even millions in revenues.

Physical therapy software addresses the problem, providing indisputable evidence of malingering while placing more money in the clinic’s coffers.

Forms of Stealing Time

Time theft can take many forms. Some physical therapy software staff may not be performing to their full potential through inefficient methods. Other time wasters may not be so easy to spot.

Unauthorized or excessive absences, surfing the Internet, break time overages, playing computer games, checking email, watching movies and text messaging are just some of the ways staff steal time from employers.

EMRs dispense with the need for practice owners to snoop in their own clinics, examine computer records and conduct weekend raids to ferret out time thieves.

EMRs provide clinic owners with an easy way to track staff productivity through the use of time stamping.

What Date and Time Stamping Can Do to Your Practice

The physical therapy software EMR marks the creation of a wide array of entries with a date and time stamp, showing who did the work and when. Date and time stamps can reflect each step of a patient’s visit, from when vital signs were entered and test result were received to how long the visit lasted.

Some EMRs place an actual handwritten copy of the signature for each therapist and staff member for additional verification. While it’s an optional feature in some EMRs, it’s an effective tool for documenting time theft that should be considered when selecting physical therapy software. It also helps protect therapists and staff against reimbursement issues, paybacks and lawsuits.

Date and time stamping provides immediately available physical therapy software documentation of staff members who may need to be guided to new and more efficient ways of accomplishing their tasks. It’s an effective tool for discovering staff that are not performing to the clinic owner’s specifications.

Increasing Productivity Is Possible

Practice owners may find that they can terminate an individual’s employment and actually achieve gains in productivity, while others may discover they can operate more efficiently with fewer staff members.

There’s a growing trend among employees in a variety of industries – they want jobs but they don’t necessarily want to work. They utilize services, supplies and equipment for personal use that their employer supplies as a necessary part of their job.

It’s all a type of theft that physical therapy software clinic owners must guard against diligently and an EMR that provides time stamping can be worth its weight in gold.

Identifying Time Theftweb based physical therapy software

Physical therapy software is one of the easiest and most efficient means of determining when, where and how time from the practice is being stolen and the identity of the perpetrator(s).

Time theft on the job is one of the most pressing challenges for practice owners and one that costs clinics in productivity and revenue.

Once practice owners have transformed the face of physical therapy software staff productivity to the best possible efficiency, therapists can begin working on identifying the best payers to increase the financial viability of their clinics.