Physical Therapy Marketing Plan: Assembling Your Team

Running your business alone will make you lose focus on what you do best.  Assembling a team of advisors and consultants play a major role in keeping your business practices accurate and successful.  Nitin Chhoda further explains the importance of creating... read more

Physical Therapy Marketing: Full-Time and Part-Time Staff

Hiring a full-time or part-time staff really depends on what your practice needs. Take note of some of the pointers that Nitin Chhoda discusses to avoid having too little or too many staff members for your physical therapy business. As you already know, without a... read more

Physical Therapy Marketing: Planning Ahead

Nitin Chhoda shares the real value of planning ahead and setting your goals for your practice. Although collections from your physical therapy services can be unpredictable, allocating your expenses with regards to your marketing and business plan can help determine... read more