HIPAA : What Is It, Really?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was designed to protect the staff and patients alike. The guidelines and intentions for the creation of this act are explained in this article, along with their implications for your practice. HIPAA or... read more

Physical Therapy Management Improved Because of EMR

The best way to increase efficiency and productivity within your current physical therapy management and practice is to use the latest software called EMR. Nitin Chhoda shows how the right EMR can improve staff’s professionalism and systematize billing, as well... read more

Physical Therapy Management for the New Economy

Nitin Chhoda shares the status of physical therapy management and practice in today’s economy. Physical therapy management in the new economy represents major changes for therapists, from the treatments provided to monetary reimbursements. President Obama’s... read more

Physical Therapy Management: Top Ten Benefits of EMR

Physical therapy management software makes it incredibly simple to keep a complete record of everything that your patient has been diagnosed with. Whether you have prescribed a rigorous physical therapy regimen to help a patient recover from a nasty fall, or whether you are simply checking on a leg, you can keep better records using occupational therapy software

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