HIPAA Malpractice and What You Need to Know

HIPAA compliance is the most important consideration for medical billing specialists. Billers work with personal, confidential and sensitive patient information and they’re tasked with protecting that data. In this informative article, Nitin Chhoda shares the 18-point... read more

Referral and Preauthorization: A Jump Start

An increasing number of healthcare insurance companies are requiring preauthorizations and referrals before they’ll pay for testing and treatments. Even though the onus is typically on the patient to provide proof of either before seeking treatment, clinicians should... read more

Physical Therapy Documentation Technological Advantages

Nitin Chhoda says that by using the latest physical therapy documentation such as EMR, you will bring a lot of advantages to your practice.  In addition, it can give consistent feedback to your software provider in order to continuously improve the system and... read more