Why the Insurance Industry Embraced Obamacare

With so much controversy surrounding the Affordable Health Care Act, many are confused about the overwhelming support the insurance industry afforded Obamacare. There are three major reasons insurance companies supported the Act. It gave them an estimated 30 million... read more

The Impact of Obamacare on Patients – Part 2

It’s been six days and the partial government shutdown is in effect. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees are affected, with some possibly receiving backpay. October 1, 2013 marks the opening of the healthcare exchanges that are going to change the way the... read more

Patient and Employer Penalties with Obamacare

The Affordable Health Care Act, known as Obamacare, requires all Americans to have healthcare insurance. Employers that don’t offer insurance and those that refuse to purchase coverage will get hit where it hurts them the most – their wallet. Obamacare employs fines... read more

The Impact of Obamacare on Medicare Recipients

One of the groups most affected by the Affordable Health Care Act will be seniors and the disabled receiving Medicare benefits. Medicare is being singled out for extensive financial cuts through Obamacare. The Act requires Medicare recipients to shoulder a larger... read more

How Will Obamacare Affect Working Families and the Poor?

Passage of the Affordable Health Care Act promised healthcare to millions of uninsured Americans who couldn’t afford it, were unable to obtain it, or didn’t qualify for other programs. The Act expanded Medicaid, called for the establishment of insurance exchanges and... read more

The Obamacare Timeline – 2010 to 2018

The Affordable Healthcare Act, also known as Obamacare, contains almost 500 different elements. Various features of the Act were designed to take effect over the course of the next eight years, with a complete implementation date of 2018. It was one of the signature... read more