Medical Management — How to Streamline with EMR

One of the many and major benefits of using electronic medical records system is the ability to streamline the entire documentation and billing process. This can significantly improve  productivity and boost cash flow. Nitin Chhoda explains how to streamline your... read more

Healthcare Insurance and its Effects in the New Economy

Nitin Chhoda discusses the current status of healthcare insurance in the country and how practice management, patients, as well as the insurance companies deal with the situation. Healthcare is a complicated and convoluted process in the U.S. that involves patients,... read more

Healthcare Practice Management: The 4-Prong Approach

To manage a practice, it’s important to adopt a multi-faceted approach that consists of four ‘pillars’. This allows for a more efficient, streamlined and successful practice, according to Nitin Chhoda. Managing a healthcare practice management is a... read more

Don’t Judge an EMR by the Cost of its Software

Many physical therapists find that using physical therapy EMR is expensive. However, Nitin Chhoda emphasizes the many benefits of EMR systems and how the initial expenses can be justified with the long term savings down the road. Patients and practitioners are living... read more

Automated Vs. Manual Patient Follow Up

Clinicians put a lot of effort into patient reminders, but they still don’t know if clients are going to show up even after they’re reminded. That uncertainty points out the advantages of automated patient follow up. There’s no need to set aside blocks of time for... read more