Nitin Chhoda discusses the importance of an automated electronic medical records software to streamline and automate the ‘drivers’ of your practice. These include marketing, documentation, coding and billing.

physical therapy management softwareToday’s society is a high-stress environment with a myriad of ways for injuries to occur that require the services of a physical therapist.

To meet the needs of a burgeoning clientele, physical therapy management must include office systems and automation to provide better patient care, control costs, increase revenues, and market practices efficiently.

Learn to Coordinate Physical Therapy Information from Other Sources

The day of the single healthcare provider is over. Today’s patient receives treatments from multiple providers and consumes a multitude of prescriptions.

The need to coordinate, as part of physical therapy management, of information from numerous sources is obvious, and electronic medical record (EMR) systems simplify the process for fewer errors, more effective treatments, less waste and faster payments.

Any therapist evaluating an EMR should choose one that allows for the exchange of information with other patient-centered care facilities.

Extreme sports and amusements, an aging population, and healthcare reform present an increased need for therapists to automate as many low-dollar activities as possible. Web-based EMRs provide the means for therapists to control labor costs, schedule staff, purchase equipment, and plan expansions.

The Role of Having a Physical Therapy Software

Physical therapy management EMRs provide metrics and analytics that assist therapists to define where marketing campaigns should be implemented for the highest return on investment and where referrals are originating.

Physical therapy management software allows information to be updated once, used in a variety of ways, and is available to other authorized professionals who require access. Data can be used to track patient progress, educate clients and manage better treatment outcomes.

Information contained within an EMR provides therapists with a powerful tool for reporting statistics, creating new and innovative treatments and providing data for the public good.

Use Electronic Medical Records or EMR

Electronic medical records utilize the latest physical therapy management technology to facilitate reimbursements through electronic billing for better cash flow, while reducing the instance of paybacks and denials. Web-based systems provide instant access to everything from patient records to billing from any location equipped with an Internet connection.

EMRs can be installed on laptops or the iPad and are compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

physical therapy management programsEMRs are positioned to become the norm for physical therapy management, providing essential automation for the 21st century practice.

Why Use EMR Technology?

Enhanced patient care, quicker reimbursements and more efficient physical therapy management allows practice owners to gain better control over every aspect of their clinic for greater profitability.

The technology is available and there’s no logical reason not to employ it to benefit physical therapy management. The systems handle low-dollar activities, allowing therapists to concentrate on innovative treatments, better patient care and future financial planning to establish their personal income goals.