Electronic Medical Records and Their Uses

Nitin Chhoda describes the many uses of electronic medical record system, and how it can help streamline the entire documentation process. Starting with the patient’s first appointment, down to the compliance requirements for Medicare. Medical records are a... read more

Physical Therapy Management: Top Ten Benefits of EMR

Physical therapy management software makes it incredibly simple to keep a complete record of everything that your patient has been diagnosed with. Whether you have prescribed a rigorous physical therapy regimen to help a patient recover from a nasty fall, or whether you are simply checking on a leg, you can keep better records using occupational therapy software

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Electronic Medical Records System Top Five Tips

It’s not enough that your practice is switching to an electronic medical record system. The most important thing to remember when choosing a physical therapy software is that it will be able to meet your needs. Price is not the only factor. Nitin Chhoda reviews... read more

Physical Therapy Documentation System Benefits

Changing your physical therapy documentation to an automated setting is now possible. Nitin Chhoda discusses the advantages of using an electronic medical records (EMR) system that will automate your documentation process. He specifies the benefits of using a... read more