Physical Therapy Documentation Technological Advantages

Nitin Chhoda says that by using the latest physical therapy documentation such as EMR, you will bring a lot of advantages to your practice.  In addition, it can give consistent feedback to your software provider in order to continuously improve the system and... read more

Physical Therapy Documentation Stages

Nitin Chhoda explains the different stages of physical therapy documentation.  Pointing out important guidelines to follow to ensure a smooth documentation process and avoid redundancy. The speed of physical therapy documentation with which a patient recovers... read more

Physical Therapy Software: Adoption of an Integrated EMR

There are several things to consider before adopting an integrated EMR software. Nitin Chhoda emphasizes the most important thing to remember is to choose the best physical therapy software that is right for your practice. Physical therapy software is the tool of the... read more

Physical Therapy Software Bottom Line

Using physical therapy software will make your practice a success. Yes, it will be hard at first but when your staff and management have had time to adjust to the new technology, the benefits will be endless. Nitin Chhoda discusses how this is all possible. The... read more