Medicare: The Government – Your Biggest Payer, Part 1

Clinicians will contract with many commercial insurance providers during their careers, but the heavy hitters of reimbursements are government-backed insurance plans. In this informative two-part series, Nitin Chhoda examines programs operated by the federal... read more

How an EMR Can Lead to Your Personal Freedom

Implementing the EMR technology is essential in the 21st century for clinicians to convert to digital records, submit reimbursement claims and get paid. EMR expert, Nitin Chhoda, was one of the first to use the software and is sharing his expertise on the many ways an... read more

The Ins and Outs of Your Clearinghouse

Clearinghouse represents the first step on a reimbursement claim’s journey toward money in a clinician’s pocket, but a lot can happen once it’s transmitted from the practitioner’s office. In this revealing article, Nitin Chhoda provides an inside look at factors that... read more

Referral and Preauthorization: A Jump Start

An increasing number of healthcare insurance companies are requiring preauthorizations and referrals before they’ll pay for testing and treatments. Even though the onus is typically on the patient to provide proof of either before seeking treatment, clinicians should... read more