Verifying patient eligibility is a time consuming process and billers can spend hours on the phone trying to verify the eligibility of just one patient.

EMRIn Touch Biller PRO is designed to simply that process and make it faster, with a reach extending across the nation.

Online Eligibility

For their own protection, practices should be verifying patient eligibility each time clients come into the office.

Insurance theft is becoming more of a problem and can cost a practice hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

In Touch Biller PRO allows practices to perform online eligibility checks with almost every payer in the nation.

Unfortunately, online verification won’t work with some providers, because they either don’t have software with that ability, or the company hasn’t made that function available to medical practices.

When working with companies that offer that ability, users can hit a single button with In Touch Biller PRO to instantly create a patient chart with the necessary information.

There’s no guesswork – the patient’s information comes directly from their insurance company or Medicare. It’s known as auto patient charting and In Touch Biller PRO is the only billing software with that ability.

For payers that don’t offer online verification, the task still has to be done the old-fashioned way.

In Touch Biller PRO allows billers to make notes within the billing software to document all the pertinent information surrounding the verification request.

Electronic Benefits

According to the American Medical Association, online insurance verification can save practices up to $4,000 a year.EMR

Eligibility information is more accurate and is available quicker.

Staff members spend less time on the phone with payers and the patient’s financial responsibility can be determined almost instantly, allowing clinicians to collect patient co-pays before they leave the office.

In Touch Biller PRO integrates easily with existing office systems and with In Touch EMR™.

Information can be obtained from the patient prior to their visit and eligibility determined before they arrive for their appointment. The physical therapy software reduces the number of rejected claims and the time patients spend waiting in the office.

In Touch Biller PRO offers clinicians the means to verify insurance eligibility online with Medicare and payers across the nation. Verification can be accomplished prior to appointments and data comes directly from insurance companies for increased accuracy. Patients spend less time waiting in the office and staff members are free to perform other high-dollar tasks.