Insurance Claim: How to Handle and Appeal

When a reimbursement denial is received, medical insurance billers (MIBs) may need to initiate an appeal process to collect disputed funds for practitioners. In this informative article, Nitin Chhoda reveals the most common reasons for denials and the best strategies... read more

How Obamacare Attempts to Tackle Overutilization

The skyrocketing cost of healthcare was one of the motivating forces behind the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act. Known as Obamacare, one of the legislation’s goals is to reduce costs and it attempts to do that with a multi-faceted approach that seeks to... read more

Obamacare 101: The Impact on Your Patients

Obamacare means major changes for virtually every segment of the population and clinicians will need to educate their patients about those changes and how it will impact them on a personal level. The healthcare climate will also affect practitioners and how they... read more

How Obamacare Increases Patient Responsibility

The focus of Obamacare is on prevention rather than the cure to reduce the cost of treatment. To accomplish, this, the Affordable Health Care Act makes patient more responsible for their own healthcare through better decision making, more exercise and purchasing... read more

The Problems Obamacare is Trying to Solve

Obamacare was designed to solve four problems within the healthcare arena. The legislation sought to increase access, benefits and efficiency, while reducing costs. It’s a law that will affect virtually every American and will certainly affect each healthcare... read more