Next to the clinician, the biller is the most important person in the practice. The biller is the individual that ensures claims are correct, submits them, and monitors each reimbursement request to ensure the physical therapist gets paid. The In Touch EMR™ and In Touch Biller PRO make the biller’s job easier, thereby increasing productivity and revenues.

Simple Solutions

Billers need billing software that’s simple, efficient and super powerful. Those three attributes are contained within the In Touch Biller PRO software. The most time consuming task for a biller is manually entering information from paper documentation. That’s a task that should be avoided at all costs. In Touch Biller PRO works with multiple operating systems, allowing billers to work with the system they’re most familiar with, whether it’s a PC, Mac, iPad or Android.

The integrated In Touch Biller PRO can be used in conjunction with In Touch EMR™ and other software to send claims directly to the billing system. The software allows billers to access one-touch functionalities to scrub, edit and submit claims.

In Touch Biller PRO software is compatible with hundreds of payer and clearinghouse systems through the United States. Built in crosswalks assist billers with the ICD-9 to ICD-10 changeover.

Automatic Functions

When ERAs are returned for the biller’s attention, he/she can post patient statements to the client’s file with a touch of a button. Billers can utilize multiple methods to communicate with patients about their portion of the bill, send reminders about outstanding balances, and print paper copies if needed. With In Touch Biller PRO, the patient billing process is accomplished quickly and efficiently with no need for hours spent entering data by hand. Claims can be transmitted individually or as a batch.

Billers are highly skilled professionals, second only to clinicians in their importance to the practice. Billers keep the flow of revenues coming in and anything practitioners can do to make their biller’s job easier will pay dividends well into the future.

In Touch Biller PRO provides one-touch abilities and automatic functions that eliminate manually entering information. Billers are more efficient and practices attain better cash flow.