The primary objectives of Obamacare are to reduce expenses while making more money. The law does that through penalties, fines and taxes in the form of the Individual Mandate Tax, fines for not having healthcare insurance and reducing Medicare reimbursements.

ICD 10 codesTo survive in the Obamacare economy, clinicians must become more efficient with the people and systems in their practice.

The Human Element

Practitioners will have to be more efficient in identifying, hiring and motivating the people in their practice.

Identifying the right people is critical.

Clinicians can’t afford to have people who just do the minimum for a paycheck.

Practitioners should be looking for people who go above and beyond.

If a staff member has extra time between patients, the desirable person is one who will use that time to conduct some marketing, work on a piece for the practice’s newsletter or some other task to benefit the practice.

When practitioners identify staff members who won’t expend extra effort to benefit the practice or are unwilling to change to meet the clinic’s demands, they may have to be dismissed.

Hiring new people is time consuming, but clinicians must do what’s best for their practice. One negative influence will spread. Don’t accept substandard attitudes.

Patients are paying more out-of-pocket expenses and they’re going to become even more aware of where they go for healthcare instead of simply going where their insurance company sends them.

The quality of the people in the practice will define it and make it stand out above competitors. Customer service and marketing has never been more important than in the Obamacare economy.

Automate The Systems

There are numerous systems that will increase a practice’s efficiency, increase referrals, provide marketing tools and expedite billing.

The key concept for these systems is automatic.

The patent-pending In Touch EMR provides practitioners with an automated insurance verification system, patient workflow, and a streamlined documentation system.

In Touch Biller Pro offers integrated scheduling, documentation, billing and marketing in a single product to increase productivity and revenues.

The automated software system can be integrated with the In Touch EMR and is Medicare compliant.

It can be used with PCs, Macs and Android systems, along with iPads. It offers claims scrubbing, batching and denial management for top efficiency.

Clinicians can also take advantage of automatic newsletter generators, done-for-you referral services, coaching and marketing solutions.

Available systems run the gamut, from Therapy Newsletter to Clinical Contact, all of which are specially designed to automate processes, increase efficiency and market practices effectively.ICD 10 codes

Good people with bad systems are a recipe for disaster. Good systems in the hands of the wrong people are potentially worse.

Clinicians may find that certain staff members have turned into prima donnas who don’t or won’t learn new things or are unwilling to change.

It’s critical to have the right people in the right positions, no matter what steps must be taken to accomplish that.

Clinicians must be strong leaders who inspire and motivate staff, while employing systems that streamline office and patient processes to survive in the Obamacare economy.