The typical practice spends anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours on patient insurance verification. With the modern technology and built-in abilities of In Touch EMR™,it’s no longer necessary to spend hours on the phone each week verifying eligibility, or manually entering the information into client charts. It can be completed online in just a few moments with hundreds of payers across the nation.

Manual Vs. Online

In Touch EMR™ provides billers with the ability to verify insurance coverage online with the click of a button. Verification is automatic and the information goes directly to the client’s chart, which can also be created automatically with In Touch EMR™. The savings in time allows staff to concentrate on marketing and others tasks within the practice with no need to enter data manually.


Online verification of eligibility has the added benefit of virtually eliminating claim questions and denials. Patient eligibility is obtained directly from the payer, ensuring the information is accurate and current.

Hundreds Of Payers

The EMR software includes hundreds of payers and clearinghouses, and new payers can be added as needed. Unfortunately, not all payers have the level of sophistication to provide online verification for specialties such as physical therapy. In those instances, the front desk will still need to make a phone call to verify eligibility, but In Touch EMR™ provides that online ability for payers with the software and sophistication to do so.

Marketing With In Touch EMR™

The automatic and online functionalities of In Touch EMR™ free front desk staff to perform marketing tasks. The software provides clinicians with a comprehensive array of tools to maintain contact with established patients and obtain new clients. Sophisticated reports can be generated to determine which marketing efforts need to be improved and which are performing best.

In Touch EMR™ contains the ability to communicate with patients via multiple methods to send cards, leave messages and deliver newsletters electronically. The software enables practices to communicate by phone, through mail and email, and voice and text messages.

The In Touch EMR™ provides practitioners with the tools to streamline eligibility verification. Eligibility is obtained online from hundreds of payers throughout the U.S. The workflow is more efficient and staff members are more productive.

The software offers automatic functionalities for scheduling, documentation, verification, claim submission and marketing in a single, integrated package.