Patients are usually the last to pay their part of the bill for services they received. To encourage patients to pay their bill, practitioners must make it as easy as possible for them to do so. That means implementing a variety of online payment options. Practices that offer that service are more likely to collect from clients without the need for multiple billings and reminders.

Multiple Payment Methods

In Touch EMR™ allows patients to pay with multiple methods that include cash, check, money orders, and credit and debit cards. Older clients are less trusting of technology and are less likely to utilize payment methods that require them to divulge personal information online, or they may not have access to a computer. For those patients, checks and cash are typically the preferred method of payment.

The In Touch EMR™ is the most sophisticated system in the world, providing a convenient way to pay that’s available to clients 24/7. It’s safe, secure and boosts revenues. The company assists therapists in setting up a merchant account that enables payments to be deposited directly into the clinic’s account, usually in as little as seven days.

Recurring Payments

With the In Touch EMR™, patients also have the ability to make recurring payments. When faced with a large bill, many clients panic and don’t pay anything instead of making smaller but steady payments. In Touch EMR™ solves that problem. Client amounts are broken down into convenient and manageable payments that they can make over time. Clinicians can offer discounts for cash payments and balances paid within a specific amount of time to encourage remittance.

Convenience, security And Eco-Friendly

There’s no need to store sensitive data on-site with In Touch EMR™. The software maintains data in the cloud for added security. The software is HIPAA compliant and adheres to the protocols set forth by the Payment Card Industry Data Standard. The cost of collections is significantly reduced and billers can focus more on claim submissions.

The integrated software is an environmentally friendly method that virtually eliminates paper bills and statements. There may be times when a paper document is required and In Touch EMR™ provides the ability to print one when necessary. When an online payment is made, the data goes to the biller for posting.

Convenience for clients is an essential concept for clinicians that want to increase revenue collection. Online options utilize methods with which most patients are familiar. Practices with online payment options are perceived as more progressive and desirable. An added benefit of offering online payment options is that patients are more likely to recommend the practitioner to others, providing valuable word-of-mouth marketing.