Clinicians and their practice are required to keep track of numerous authorizations and strategic certifications that can adversely affect a clinic if they lapse. Clinicians must maintain their certifications in good standing and patient treatment authorizations must be current if practitioners are to be paid for their services. In Touch EMR provides practice owners with a convenient and automatic means of monitoring them all.

Automatic Monitoring

Typically, the front desk keeps track of certifications, authorizations, scheduling patient intakes, and marketing tasks as the workload allows. In Touch EMR™ automatically monitors physician certifications, complete with the identifier number and duration. The system shows a pop up reminder when certifications are ready to expire, providing practitioners with a convenient method of remaining current.

Authorized Treatment

It’s essential that clinicians ensure they have the proper authorization from payers to treat patients who have insurance policies that place limitations on the type, duration and level of treatment they can receive. In Touch EMR™ automatically tracks authorizations for each patient, their insurance company and notifies clinicians when those authorizations will expire. State laws are taken into account to facilitate the notification process.

Procedures, Please

An increasing number of insurance providers are requesting pre-authorizations for everything from lab tests to hospital admission. In Touch EMR™ has the ability to keep track of the vast number of pre-authorizations that must be obtained in the course of regular treatment. Referrals, authorizations for prescription refills, even patient authorizations to access and digitally share information with insurers are monitored.

Authorizations for a wide range of procedures and clinician certifications are an essential part of operating a practice, but keeping track of them all is a time consuming task without the aid of In Touch EMR™. The integrated system works seamlessly to monitor critical authorizations to remain in compliance and operate a profitable practice.