The focus of Obamacare is on prevention rather than the cure to reduce the cost of treatment. To accomplish, this, the Affordable Health Care Act makes patient more responsible for their own healthcare through better decision making, more exercise and purchasing healthier foods.

ObamacareIn the Obamacare economy, clinicians must spend more time educating patients and trying to modify their behavior.

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Improving Access

As part of developing a nation of healthier individuals, Obamacare has established the Healthcare Insurance Exchange, providing patients with access to affordable healthcare coverage.

Eligibility requirements have been increased so more low income families can obtain Medicaid.

Obamacare ensures compliance by assessing a penalty through the Individual Tax Mandate for not having insurance.

Prevention Is The Cure

There’s a little known initiative within Obamacare that provides a variety of free screenings, tests and consultations that doesn’t require a co-pay from patients.

The Natural Prevention Health Promotion and Public Health Council will aid people in obtaining no-cost access to services, study the impact on strategies and create a list of things to do in the future.

While the list of services has not been finalized, it may include certain things like cancer screenings, stop smoking medications, depression, diabetes, HIV and even birth control.

The strategy is for patients to be more responsible for their health by doing things that will keep them healthy and avoid costly treatment later on.


There is a genetic component that makes people predisposed toward some diseases and health problems, but it’s unknown how this will factor into the program.

Prevention And Education

To work within the Obamacare economy, clinicians must spend more time on prevention, education and inducing patients to make healthier choices.

Obamacare seeks to increase the health of Americans at every stage of their life.

By making free tests, assessments, screenings and consultations available, the authors of Obamacare hope to create a nation of healthier people that require less treatment for a variety of diseases, thereby reducing the cost of healthcare.

Only time will tell if the Obamacare legislation will have a significant impact on changing the way people think and behave.