There are major problems with the current way clinicians document patient encounters. It takes too long, it’s a pain in the behind and everyone wants to get it done as quickly as possible.

In Touch EMRFor physical therapists, if it’s not documented it’s not done.

The In Touch EMR® contains the tools needed to document efficiently, maintain compliance and establish medical necessity.

Most EMRs on the market force practitioners to conform to them.

The In Touch EMR® adapts to the needs of the physical therapist, allowing them to spend more time with patients instead of being a documentation machine.

In Touch EMR Voice Recognition

One of the primary ways that clinicians can increase their efficiency is by using voice recognition for documentation.

Instead of typing in each item, practitioners can actually use the voice recognition abilities of In Touch EMR® to speak what they want instead of typing it in.

The ability significantly speeds up documentation for faster billing and payments.

Automated Sentences

Clinicians can take common phrases and enter them into In Touch EMR® as a sentence.

When the therapist types in the beginning of the phrase, In Touch EMR automatically completes the sentence, eliminating the need to type out the whole thing.

Clinicians can even assign hotkeys to specific phrases for additional time savings.

Dynamic Goal Boxes

It’s happened to every clinician – they think of a goal for their patient during an office visit, but forget it before they’re able to document it.

In Touch EMR® creates dynamic goal boxes, allowing practitioners to document goals on the go, as they think of them.

Click And Point Templates

In Touch EMR® adapts to the needs of the user, providing practitioners with point and click template creation.

The EMR comes with pre-made templates that can be used as is or modified to accommodate the individual needs of the clinician.

Practitioners can choose to create their own templates, and both methods allow for the greatest flexibility within the practice.

Automatic Flow Sheet Integration

Creating flow sheets can be time-consuming. When therapists create a flow sheet with In Touch EMR®, all the information is automatically and instantly transferred to the practice’s billing software.

In Touch EMRAll the ICD and CPT codes, units used and other pertinent data is transferred directly to billing when the clinician is done with the flow sheet.

That ability speeds up the claims process, allowing therapists to get paid quicker.

Reduced reimbursements and new regulations enacted through Obamacare make it essential that physical therapists increase efficiency throughout their practice.

In Touch EMR® provides the tools to improve efficiency, bill quicker and significantly reduce claim denials with software that adapts to the clinician. Therapists can spend more time with patients, practice medicine in their own way, and document with extreme accuracy for better and quicker reimbursements.