Medical billing and coding has always been a complicated procedure, but one that is necessary for physical therapists. Nitin Chhoda discusses how each code is attributed to a certain diagnosis, treatment, and etc., making the billing and coding process simplified and effective.

billing and codingThe correct analysis of billing and coding is imperative to patients’ care, and insurance agencies depend on accurate medical code billing so that medical providers can accurately reimburse the payment for their services.

The ease and availability of electronic medical records (EMRs) improves physical therapist billing and coding by eliminating the disconnection between the provider and insurance agency.

Ensures High Level of Patient Care

EMRs can help patients receive the best care possible.  Physical therapists and other providers are able to share records via EMRs, thus, receive up-to-date information.  The clarification allows providers to see the best picture yet of patient care, and enables them to make more informed decisions regarding treatment.

Employees and doctors do no longer have to deal with ineffective billing and coding. They can focus and give more attention to patient care. 

Increases Income for Practice

Healthcare management depends on quality medical billing and coding to properly invoice patients and their insurance carriers. However, this process is time-consuming and tedious. Sometimes codes are written down incorrectly or a wrong number is read due to poor handwriting.

For years, providers have reimbursement denied by insurance agencies from code errors.  EMRs lessen the chance of errors, and ease the claim submission process.

medical billing and codingBecause all billing and coding must be accompanied by proper documents, EMRs also allow for an easier physical therapy documentation system.

Some insurance agencies are overwhelmed with claims as much as the providers, and the reimbursements may be canceled, lost, or otherwise not received, and this may go unnoticed by the practice.

However, EMRs give a physical therapist the ability to track claims and monitor any discrepancies. EMRs allow a provider to accept payments electronically, thus ensuring quicker billing and coding reimbursement than the traditional check method.