Convenience is the keyword for the 21st century clinic. Today’s population is busy and mobile, with little time left after meeting, work, and family obligations. Nitin Chhoda discusses how electronic medical records system (EMRs) simplifies billing for both physical therapists and patients in a variety of ways.

electronic medical recordsPatient income has long been the lifeblood of medical providers.  Effective physical therapy billing is a highly necessary procedure for physical therapists in particular, as some patients may have sessions last over a period of several months.

Versatile Billing

Electronic medical records allow patients to make payments on their own time with a push of a button. Today’s consumers are used to online billing for various services.

However, some medical providers still insist on paper bills. Online billing through an electronic medical records system allows patients to make either one-time payments, ongoing payments, and sometimes participate in automatic billing via credit or debit card.

EMRs make it easier for both patient and physical therapist.  If a physical therapist would like to move into online billing, electronic medical records system is a logical step.

Instant Transactions

Prior to online billing, physical therapist billing used to involve mailed checks or credit card payments taken over the phone. Both of these practices took office assistants’ time to manage billing, and involved a lot of upkeep.

However, with electronic medical records, physical therapists can receive their funding in as little as 48 hours.  Consumers are also able to pay on a variety of devices, such as phone or tablet, without waiting for a paper bill. Providers can increase their income by 23% by adding the ability to receive credit card payments, and EMRs provides that opportunity.

Electronic medical records represent a new wave in improved patient care and physical therapist billing.  electronic medical records

Physical therapists who are looking to streamline their practice in income and medical records should consider using EMRs.

As one of the facets of the changing face of healthcare, electronic medical records are an essential tool for the survival of a physical therapist office.