Claim – How to Appeal When Denied

Each reimbursement claim goes through an adjudication process once it reaches a clearinghouse and eventually, every biller will receive a denial. Depending upon the reason, healthcare providers can appeal the decision and MIBs will play a major role in the process. In... read more

Will Obamacare Cause a Shortage of Clinicians?

Under the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare, approximately 30 million new patients will enter the healthcare system. The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates that by 2015, the U.S. will require 60,000 more doctors than it will have at that time. The... read more

Healthcare Coding Basics

In the 21st century, paying for visits to healthcare providers is a simple process for patients. They simply present their insurance cards, make a copay and go on their way. The system can be a nightmare for medical insurance billers (MIBs), who complete hundreds of... read more

The Typical Insurance Claim Cycle

The demand for medical insurance billers (MIBs) continues to grow and many individuals are eager to launch a career in the field. The popularity of medical billing has given rise to a multitude of unfounded claims by scam artists who insist it’s a career path with... read more

MIB Assistant — Hiring Them Right

A large majority of medical insurance billers (MIB) start their businesses at home and as the company grows, the MIB often discovers they require an assistant. However, liking someone isn’t enough upon which to base a working relationship and in this insightful... read more

How to Get the Claim: The Billing Scenario

Building a clean claim is a concerted effort. It begins with the office staff that gathers demographic information and comes to fruition when the funds are deposited in the practice’s account. Much can happen to a claim on its way to becoming a payment and in this... read more