With mandatory EMR implementation looming large on the horizon, therapists need to seriously consider the system they’ll be using. The software should be integrated throughout the office, with automatic functions that allow clinicians to work smarter, not harder.

EMRThere are key abilities that every practitioner should demand from their EMR system for documentation, billing and mobile readiness.

Integrated Billing

The selected EMR system should be fully integrated with billing and have the ability to detect and identify potential problems before claims are sent to clearinghouses.

In Touch EMR™ does all that and provides billing specialists with the means to easily obtain data, scrub claims for errors, and submit reimbursement requests individually or through automated batch filings.

Custom Templates

Most EMRs have a preprogramed set of parameters and forms that require clinicians to conform to the software.

In Touch EMR™ is designed specifically for therapists and conforms to the way clinician work, not the other way around.

Therapists can create custom documentation templates that best fits the individual needs of the practice.

Voice Recognition

Technology has given practitioners the means to document quickly and efficiently without the need to type information into patient files.

In Touch EMR™ has one of the most sophisticated voice recognition capabilities available, allowing practitioners to dictate and document on the go.

Clinicians can combine voice and typing options if they choose.

Going Mobile

Mobile devices are part of everyday life, but few therapists realize how the technology can be a distinct advantage in their practice.

With In Touch EMR™, therapists can use an iPad to perform many of the functions that would normally fall to staff.

With the EMR, tablet technology can be used for patient check-ins.

Clients can fill out forms, take a photo of themselves for identification, and supply their insurance information with the iPad’s built-in camera.

Data goes straight to client record and maintained safely in the cloud. Using a mobile device frees staff to work on other projects.

Mobile needs for practices extend to the ability to send text and voice messages to patients, and In Touch EMR™ can do that automatically.

The system can communicate with patients to remind them of appointments, accounts due and ask for referrals, along with sending physical and electronic greetings and newsletters.

Eliminating Sneaky FeesEMR

Many clinicians are finding that EMR vendors have a long list of sneaky fees. Practitioners are being required to pay for each individual user and that they’re being charged for each function they utilize.

With In Touch EMR™ clinicians only pay for licensed therapists that use the system. Technicians and others who must have access can do so for free.

An EMR is supposed to work for clinicians, not against them.

In Touch EMR™ provides the tools to take advantage of modern communication and documentation methods. It conforms to the requirements of the therapist and integrates with billing systems for a more efficient and profitable practice.